Summer Latin Intensive

In the course of this reading-based intensive Latin class, students will acquire the ability slowly read and understand unabridged Latin prose using the help of a lexicon. They will encounter and master every grammatical form and syntactical construction commonly used in Augustan age literature. Furthermore, they will build a solid base of vocabulary knowledge sufficient to begin the journey to fluency. These goals will be accomplished primarily through treating Latin, as much as possible, as a living language. Grammar will be encountered in the context of their use in readings. Vocabulary will be reinforced through persistent utilization. The Latin way of saying things will become second nature.

This is a rigorous and ambitious class, intended for older high-school students, college students, and adults. When taken with the optional two-week Latin Texts segment, high-school students will be prepared for the year-long AP Latin course. This class covers an entire year of college Latin classes in 3 months, making it ideally suited for university students requiring Latin ability for their discipline, high-school students preparing for their intended college major, or anyone desirous of unlocking the rich world of literature, history, or philosophy found in the Latin sources.

Course Modules

Week 1: Plautus' Aulularia

Week 2: Plautus' Amphitruo

Week 3: Republican Legends

Week 4: Cicero's In Verrem Part 1

Week 5: Cicero's In Verrem Part 2

Week 6: Sallust's Catiline Conspiracy

Week 7 (optional): Ovid's Metamorphoses Book VIII Part 1

Week 8 (optional): Ovid's Metamorphoses Book VIII Part 2

For more details and a complete schedule, consult the course Syllabus

Contact for Class Registration


Justin Klazinga

Course Info

$800 USD (without optional Latin Texts segment)
$900 USD (including Latin Texts segment)
June 12th - July 27th, 2023 (August 11th for optional Latin Texts segment)
Monday through Friday
9:00-11:00 AM EST (Asynchronous option available)
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$75 tuition discount for every referral.
$100 in-family tuition discount.
$50 tuition discount for current or former students.