AP Microeconomics

This first-year, college-level course introduces the basics of Economics and proceeds from there to a deeper analysis of human behavior, the behavior of individual economic actors, and the structure of markets. Students will gain a wide knowledge of how complex markets behave and why they do so. Furthermore, the student will be able to analyze decisions made in free markets and understand the principles behind them.

This course follows the guidelines of the AP Microeconomics course and will cover all topics that students might encounter on the AP Microeconomics exam. By the end of this course, successful students will have mastered all the elements necessary to perform well on that exam.


Weeks 1-2: Introduction to Economics

  • The Study of Economics (ch. 1)
  • Economics as a Science (ch. 2)
  • Competitive Advantage and Trade (ch.3)
Weeks 3-4: Supply and Demand
  • Market Forces (ch.4-5)
  • Supply, Demand, and Government Policies (ch. 6)
Weeks 5-6: Consumer Choice and Individual Demand
  • Consumer and Producer Surplus (ch. 7)
  • Consumer Choice (ch. 21)
Weeks 7-8: Producer Behavior and Supply
  • The Costs of Production (ch. 13)
  • Competition (ch. 14)
Weeks 9-10: Market Power and Market Failures
  • Monopolies (ch. 15-16)
  • Oligopolies (ch. 17)
  • Externalities (ch. 10)
Week 11: The Production Structure
  • Factors of Production (ch. 18)
  • The Market for Labor (ch. 18)
Week 12: Philosophical and Political Implications
  • Income Inequality and Poverty (ch. 20)
  • Other Topics in Economics (ch. 22)
Week 13-14: Projects, Review, and Exam Preparation
  • Review for Final Exam
  • Practice for AP Test

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Justin Klazinga

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September, 4th - December, 2023
Monday, Wednesday
10:45 AM - 12:15 PM EST
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