AP Macroeconomics

This class, after a brief overview of basic economic concepts, dives into the large-scale concepts that describe nations and economies as a whole. Students will learn how a country's GDP and economic growth is calculated, and then use those and other concepts to understand long-term changes to economies. They will encounter the monetary markets and the theories and policies concerning them. Finally, they will use all this to build a robust understanding of the business cycle and short run fluctuations to the economy.

This course follows the guidelines of the AP Macroeconomics course and will cover all topics that students might encounter on the AP Microeconomics exam. By the end of this course, successful students will have mastered all the element necessary to perform well on that exam.


Weeks 1-2: Introduction to Economics (Optional, also covered in AP Micro)
  • The Study of Economics (ch. 1)
  • Economics as a Science (ch. 2)
  • Competitive Advantage and Trade (ch.3)
  • Supply and Demand (ch. 4)
Weeks 3-4: Going Macro
  • National Income (ch. 23)
  • Cost of Living (ch. 24)
  • The National Economy (ch. 25)
Weeks 5-6: The Market for Money
  • Saving and Investing (ch. 26)
  • Finance (ch. 27)
Weeks 7-8: The Long Run
  • Unemployment (ch. 28)
  • The Monetary System (ch. 29-30)
Weeks 9-10: Free Markets
  • Macroeconomic Policies
  • The Open Economy (ch. 31-32)
Weeks 11-12: The Short Run
  • The Business Cycle
  • Aggregate Demand (ch. 33-34)
Week 13-14: Projects, Review, and Exam Preparation
  • Review for Final Exam
  • Practice for AP Test

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Justin Klazinga

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$500 USD
$400 when combined with AP Microeconomics
January 8th - May, 2024 
Monday, Wednesday
10:45 AM - 12:15 PM EST
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