AP Latin

This course represents the highest level of Latin mastery in high school. Students will read extensively in Virgil and Caesar, while developing a clearer understanding of the cultural and historical background of these authors. Successful students will have gained such a mastery of Latin grammar, vocabulary, and syntax that they will be able to sight-read any passage from Caesar’s Gallic Wars or Virgil’s Aeneid.

The syllabus for this course follows the AP Latin prescribed program. All the skills necessary for completing the AP Latin exam successfully will be taught in this class. This class assumes a basic familiarity with Latin texts. All students should have completed at least two to three years of high school Latin or one to two years of college level Latin courses prior to beginning this course. If the student does not have this prerequisite, they might consider the Comprehensive Latin course prior to enrolling in AP Latin.

This course is taught through live classes, where students will develop their site reading abilities and their vocabulary knowledge. In addition, there will be recordings to watch that will allow them to correct their homework and gain familiarity with other portions of the text. Toward the end of the year, there will be AP practice tests and sessions available for the students.

Course Modules

Week 1-3: Caesar Book 1, ch. 1-7
Week 4-6: Caesar Book 4, ch. 24-35
Week 7-13: Caesar Book 5, ch. 24-48
Week 14-15: Caesar Book 6, ch. 13-20
Week 16: Review and Testing
Week 17-21: Virgil Book 1, L. 1-209, 418-440, 494-570
Week 22-24: Virgil Book 2, L. 40-56, 201-249, 268-297, 559-620
Week 25-27: Virgil Book 4, L. 160-218, 259-361, 659-705
Week 28-30: Virgil Book 6, L. 295-332, 384-425, 450-476, 847-899
Week 31-32: Review and Testing
Week 33: Study for AP Exam
Week 34: AP Exam

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Course Info

$750 USD
September 4th, 2023 - May, 2024
Tuesday, Thursday
9:00-10:30 AM EST
Virtual Classroom - Student Portal
Video Recording Uploaded to Class Page
Equivalent to 2 years High-School Latin or 1 Year College Latin
Latin I and II course
$50 tuition discount for every referral.
$75 in-family tuition discount.
$50 tuition discount for current or former students.