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Senior Research Thesis

Capstone, college-preparatory research and writing class, cultimating in a 5,000 word research paper and seminar presentation.

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AP Microeconomics

Fall Semester, college-level course focusing on the fundamentals of individual economic behavior. Intended to prepare students for the AP Microeconomics exam. 

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AP Macroeconomics

Spring semester, college-level course examining markets and whole economies with the principles of Free-Market Economics. Intended to prepare students for the AP Macroeconomics exam.

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Latin I & II

Complete college-level year of Classical Latin. Preparatory for AP Latin.

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AP Latin

Two-semester course, reading through Virgil's Aeneid and Caesar's Gallic Wars. Latin experience required. Covers AP Latin requirements.

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AP Art History

Two-semester, comprehensive course on the history, interpretation, and appreciation of Art. Intended to prepare students for the AP Art History Exam. Not regularly offered, contact if interested.